The International Padel Federation (F.I.P.) has chosen Dunlop as Official Ball of the classification events for the XIII Padel World Championships that will be held in Lisbon next november.

The classification events are held in 4 different countries across Europe with 10 national teams participating in the ladies’ Events and 12 national teams taking part in the men’s events:

Group A Ladies Rijswick, Holland
Group B Ladies Gent, Belgium
Group A Men Vilnius, Lithuania
Group B Men Basel, Switzerland

The teams that classify will join the pre-qualified teams in the World Championships that will be held in Lisbon from the 14th to the 20th November, where the spanish and argentinian teams will defend their respective titles.

The ball chosen for the events is the Dunlop Pro Padel, the most recent addition to the range of Dunlop padel balls and which offers exceptional performance and feel with a slightly higher bounce that the original Dunlop Padel ball original that helps to make the game faster and more spectacular.

Richard Jackson, Product Manager for Dunlop Padel, confirmed: “It is a pleasure for Dunlop to cooperate once again with the F.I.P. and help to support the international development of Padel. Dunlop was the first brand to develop a specific padel ball over 20 years ago and Dunlop has sponsored international events regularly for more than two decades. By putting our product in the hands of the top players from such a wide variety of countries we can promote our range and reinforce our brand image in these “emerging” padel markets.”